Denver Dissolution Lawyers Can Help You Close Your Business

Businessmen Shaking HandsIf your business is winding down, you must dissolve your corporation in order to stop paying future taxes and fees to the state of Colorado. In general, there are two types of corporate dissolution: voluntary dissolution, which is a fairly straightforward process, and involuntary or petitioned dissolution, which requires court intervention. Whether you’re facing voluntary or involuntary dissolution, the Law Offices of Beem & Isley, can help you avoid the potential pitfalls involved in dissolving your business and recommend a sound course of action that protects your best interests. The firm is comprised of experienced and highly respected Denver attorneys who are dedicated to providing clients with high-quality legal service.

Protect Yourself – Close your Business Properly

Properly dissolving your Business will protect you from personal liability for the debts your business and/or future judgments against your business. These dissolution requirements are overseen by State statutes and may differ somewhat depending on the type of business you are dissolving.  An experienced Business Lawyer can guide you through the dissolution process.

Any Tax Obligations must be Settled

Another step for a proper Business closing is to pay off all of its tax liabilities prior to making any payments to you as its owner. This helps avoid your becoming personally liable for your Businesses’ tax burden. Also, other private creditors can pursue payment by you, as the Business owner, if you have taken a premature distribution without first repaying the debts of your business.


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