Commercial Lease Lawyers

iStock_000018915100Large2A lease for a commercial property must comprehensively and accurately represent the terms of the deal negotiated. A properly executed lease will more fully protect you as the client in the event of any future problems or disputes. If you are entering into a leasing agreement, you need the type of experience Beem & Isley possesses. From preparing, drafting, and negotiating leases, whether related to an office, store, restaurant, garage, mall, medical office or other facility, they will ensure that your best interests are served.

Beem & Isley,  represents landlords, tenants, investors, subtenants, management companies, and real estate brokers in all aspects of leasing, including structuring the transaction, lease negotiations, build-out, and occupancy.

Our attorneys provide leasing services for numerous office, retail, and warehouse properties in the Denver area. Our attorneys can also help clients whose primary business is not real estate by explaining in plain English the fundamental provisions of the lease and focusing on the financial and economic terms. Beem & Isley,  works closely with our clients to understand their day-to-day operations so that we may proactively represent their best interests.


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